I See You — A Poem

I see you when I close my eyes.
You're deep within my dreams.
For a moment, it seems so real —
Your smile, your voice, your carass.
And as I feel your body next to mine,
I forget that we're apart.
But then my body begins to awaken,
And once again, you're gone.

I hear you when the world goes quiet.
Your voice sings inside my mind.
You meet my "hello" with one of your own —
My inner monologue is now a conversation.
As I hear that beautiful sound once again,
I feel comfort, love, and peace.
But then the real world interrupts you,
And my head is filled with noise instead.

I feel you in the hugs of others.
Your presence engulfs us as a part of the embrace.
Feeling any touch brings on the tears —
Because I crave to be in your arms.
For it was in your arms on a random night,
That I realized the depth of my love for you.
But now I'm left without your hugs,
Until we meet again.

I see you in the sunsets.
Shades of yellow, pink, and blue.
All I have to do is look up at the sky —
You give me all the answers.
If I really, truly could,
I would pause the moment forever.
But every night, it quickly fades,
Until the sky is dark.

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