All I Could Have Done — A Poem

My mind is racing

Feet are pacing

Trying to make sense

Of all that has transpired.

All the things

I could have done,

All the times

I should have intervened.

I know you told me not to.

You said it would all be OK.

But clearly that wasn’t the case,

Or you’d still be at my side.

I don’t think there’s a way

To take away this blame…

It’s weighing heavily on my heart

And absolutely crushing my soul.

I’d give away everything

Just to turn back time.

I’d sell my soul

To keep you alive.

But I know none of that is an option.

No amount of sadness

Can bring you back.

No amount of guilt

Can ease my pain.

Instead I’m left here

All alone

With the could haves,

Should haves,

And my broken heart.


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